5 Most Useful Things Every Dad Should Own

There are many products on the market these days that we’re told that we need. T-shirts that fit better, lotion for our nether regions, a boat, a motorcycle. But, let’s be honest, none of these matter if they don’t serve a real purpose like feeding our families or making their lives better. Every dad out there should own equipment to be able to accomplish feats that other “regular men” simply can’t.

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What does a Dad need to level up?

Camp Chef Windwood Pellet Grill

I’ve personally owned the Woodwind 24 for over 2 years now. I purchased it over the Traeger grill because of the price point. It holds the perfect amount of pellets for an all day cook, but can also be used for shorter flame only cooks like steak.

The quality is top notch and fires up properly each time. The Bluetooth connectivity allows you to monitor and change temperatures and smoke output without needing to hover over your smoker or opening it.

Please note, this is not the first smoker I purchased personally. My first smoker I purchased was a Pit Boss Austin XL. The controller went out within 3 months of owning the smoker. It was also too large for my needs.

Size is critical when selecting your smoker. The larger the smoker you use, the more fuel you will consume. The Woodwind 24 is the perfect size for family use.

Click the picture below to start smoking the competition.

Woodwind 24 grill


Weber 22″ Master-Touch Charcoal Grill

When you’re looking for the flavor provided by charcoal in a versatile grill that will last, this is what you’re looking for. The charcoal pans allow for direct and indirect heat for that perfect reverse sear. This weber grill comes with many options an colors.

After using a gas grill for many months, it’s a great option to be able to use a quality outdoor grill to add that signature flavor of a charcoal cook.

I would recommend looking into the SNS Slow N Sear replacement grates after you get used to the direct and indirect heat options that this grill provides out of the box. In addition, pick up the Rapidfire Chimney fire starter to quickly light your charcoal.

Weber Charcoal Grill

A TOP-NOTCH Dryer Vent Cleaner

This may sound strange, but I personally freak out at times because of the lint build-up in my dryer. This isn’t a pitch by any stretch. I see what goes on in my dryer because of my dogs and the furry things my kids wear.

This kit comes with a threaded female end that fits in the chuck of your cordless drill. You add the length you need, as you need it, and run the drill up into your dryer vent. Having a shop vac near the vent as it’s working is very helpful as well.

Dryer vent cleaning tool

A fish cleaning station

If you’re an angler and your wife is not a fan of you cleaning fish in the house, a fishing cleaning station that can fold up and store away is a must. Water can be hooked up to it for rinsing. This is easy to clean and sturdy enough for any size fish.

Click the picture below to order one for yourself. If you are a fisherman and are interested in fishing charters, please visit my articles to learn about the different types of fishing charters (click here) how to choose the best one for you (click here)

Fishing cleaning station for Dad

Dyson stick vacuum

Ok, maybe this doesn’t sound very manly. I get it. But this vacuum is incredible. You can vacuum your floors, your dog, your car, your bookshelves, your gun safe, your AC vent registers, your furniture… you get the point. If you can think of it, these things can handle it.

They are powerful enough to pick up all types and sizes of dirt. From dog hair to legos to daughters hair. They store away easily and mount directly to the charger.

Click the picture below to order one for yourself.

Dyson handheld vacuum

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