I’m not a perfect father and never will be. I don’t believe any of us can claim that we have not had some degree of transgressions throughout our years. I firmly believe that we can help fill the voids that we all experience as a community. Whether it’s experience, recreation, tolerance, or any other factor that affects our ability to be successful as fathers, we can all help each other. This blog intends to provide a place for all of us to actively act as mentors or brothers to those who may have simple struggles or may even be on the cusp of becoming a father. Call it a “All Dad Bootcamp”. In addition, I intend to provide a platform for a community of everyday Dad’s where we can share our interests (lawn mowing, fishing, grilling, coaching, growing into our next level of readers, etc….)

About Jeremy

I grew up in western Maryland with my father where I worked through my teenage years in the WV coal mines. I’m a product of divorced parents. I am a graduate of the West Virginia University of Technology where I earned B.S. and A.S. degrees leading down the professional path into steel detailing and fabrication. Now, I live in Florida with my wife, two children, and two dogs. I am currently a Sr Project Manager for a steel bridge fabricator and an avid fisherman. While I’m not an uber-positive person by nature, I make my best efforts to use my experience as a guide and a motivator for my future. Without diving into details, I’ve had my share of f’ups and learned that my past does not define my future. That is true for everyone. I don’t have time to dwell on all that mess. Too many people rely on me to not continue pressing forward towards whatever lies ahead.


my daughter kendall and i

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My Wife and I