Camp Chef Griddle – The Flat Top Series Complete Review

A  griddle is the perfect cookware for those who love to cook outdoors. Whether you’re a dad looking for an easy way to grill your kids’ meals or an outdoor chef looking for a versatile cooking surface, the Camp Chef Griddle is the perfect piece of equipment for you.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the Camp Chef Flat Top Series and provide a complete review. So, whether you’re considering buying one or just want to learn more about it, keep reading.​

Introduction to the Camp Chef Griddle

The Flat Top Griddle from Camp Chef is the perfect addition to any outdoor kitchen. With a large cooking surface, it’s perfect for entertaining large groups. For instance, the Flat Top 600 model features four burners, allowing you to cook multiple items at once.

For added convenience, the griddle comes with a removable grease tray and easy ignition using the adjustment knob.. Whether you’re cooking burgers, pancakes, or eggs, the Flat Top Griddle from Camp Chef is sure to make your next outdoor meal a success.

We’ll dive further into the options available for the complete line of Camp Chef Griddles below.

The Camp Chef Flat Top Griddles

Camp Chef provides 3 different griddle options for your particular situation. I personally own the Flat Top 600. All griddles are propane fueled to allow for clean heat allowing the use of full size propane bottles.

All Camp Chef Griddles are cast iron and come preseasoned with non-stick plant oils so they are ready to use right out of the box. They also include a grease management system for quick clean up as well as griddle levelers to ensure proper grease drainage.

In the event that the adjustment knob may fail to light the burners, there is an opening next to the knob to allow access with a long match or a “clicker” lighter.

The Flat Top 600

The Flat Top 600 is a 4 burner griddle with plenty of cooking surface to cook a full meal for a family of 4. The cast iron griddle is 600 square inches. Utilizing the 4 burners, you can be sure to have a hot, even cooking surface without the nagging cool spots. It also allows you to create a cooler side of the griddle if desired.

One unique feature of the 600, is that the griddle can be completely removed allowing you to use the grill grates underneath for traditional propane grilling. This is the only model with this option.

The 600 also provides a folding shelf on either side of the griddle to allow you save space when the unit is not in use.

The Portable Flat Top 600

Similar to the standard Flat Top 600 described above, the Portable 600 is a 4 burner unit. Built on a similar chassis as the standard 600, the Portable does not come with the fixed stand on wheels.

This unit comes with legs that can unfold from under the body to allow it to stand up when taken to your next tailgate, BBQ, or field party. This unit also has two shelves that will fold up to protect the interior workings while being transported. When folded, this unit can fit neatly into the back of a truck or SUV for transport.

The Portable however, does not come equipped or is it compatible with grill grates. This is a full blown griddle.

The Flat Top 900

The Flat Top 900 is definitely the “big dog”. This unit is a 6 burner griddle sporting a massive 877 sq inch cooking surface. With this much even cooking area, it’s perfect for large gatherings, catering services, company events, and many other events that required A LOT of food.

Similar to the 600, the 900 has dual folding shelves to help it get smaller when stored. Outside of the size, the 900 has all of the same features with the exception of the grill grates.

Available Accessories

The Grill Cover

To ensure your griddle is maintained and safe from the weather, I recommend the grill cover. This isn’t necessarily a recommendation but more of a requirement for this model. If you’re going to spend the money to purchase this high quality product, you need to keep it safe and cleaned.

Both the Flat Top 600 and 900 have griddle covers available. The covers are $59.99 for the 600 cover and $76.99 for the 900 cover.

The Portable 600 has an available carry bag that can be used for easy transport and storage. The carry bag is available for $64.99.

The Pizza Oven

Both the Flat Top 600 and the Portable 600 have available Pizza Oven options that can be used to replace the griddle for a different twist on your outdoor cooking repertoire. The oven comes with a ceramic stone and a built-in temperature gauge allowing you to heat the oven to 700 degrees F.

The Pizza Oven is currently available for $254.99.

The Griddle Cover

The Flat Top 600 Griddles have an amazing griddle cover option allowing you to close the top of your griddle similar to a lid on a traditional grill. This is a hard cover made of cold rolled steel made to fit the exact dimensions of the Flat Top 600 models.

This cover will protect the surface from damage and is easily stored on the back of the griddle while not being used.

At First Glance

When completing the assembly of the Flat Top 600, which was a breeze, my first impression was, I need to figure out how to make that smoking onion ring train they do at the Hibachi grill.

The attached bottle opener is a nice touch and in an appropriate location.

However, I do recommend making sure small children keep their distance while this is hot. The griddle gets very hot on all edges.

This is a professional looking piece of gear for the garage or back patio. With the outdoor griddles gaining in popularity, you will make an impression on your guests. Learn to clean your griddle by clicking here.

Pros and Cons


  • The griddles can be used for any meal and nearly any type of cooking. From steak to fried rice, this is awesome option.
  • The Flat Top 600 is versatile and can be used as a traditional propane grill.
  • All 3 griddle options are easy to assemble and transport. Once assembled, they are very sturdy and easy to clean.
  • As with any Camp Chef product, you can expect nothing but the highest quality standards. As long as you maintain your griddle through the methods recommended by Camp Chef, you can expect it to last for years.


  • Like any griddle on the market, the cast iron griddle is heavy and can be awkward to remove if needed.
  • Typical of full sized griddles, once they are hot, they can be dangerous around children and those who may not have the best attention skill set.
  • Griddles are a pain to maintain. Constant cleaning and seasoning if they are not used regularly can be a hassle. Camp Chef does provide a line of products to help with the cleaning and maintenance of your griddle.
  • If you do use the grill grates for traditional grilling, you MUST make sure you clean the body before using again. It WILL create a grease fire inside that’s a bear to deal with.
  • Word of advice, do not mess around with the ignition if it does not light immediately. Plan appropriately and do not allow the body to fill with propane while trying to light it. This doesn’t just go for the Camp Chef griddles. This is standard for all on the market.

Pricing and Warranty

When considering any purchase of this magnitude, it’s wise to consider the warranty extended to you and Camp Chef certainly backs up their products.

The Flat Top 600

The Flat Top 600 starts at $599.99 currently and occasionally has discount offers. This griddle comes with a 1 year warranty.

The Portable Flat Top 600

The Portable Flat Top 600 starts at $549.99. This griddle also has a 1 year warranty.

The Flat Top 900

The Flat Top 900 starts at $899.99. This griddle also has a 1 year warranty.

Get free shipping on orders of $150+!

In Conclusion

If you’re seriously considering adding a griddle to your outdoor cooking tools, the Flat Top griddle by Camp Chef is the #1 selection. Take the time to learn how to properly season your griddle and maintain it. They are easy to clean and assemble. Removing all of the elements and grates make it very light and easy to maneuver. Degreasing the interior is simple.

The biggest value proposition for me personally was the Flat Top 600’s versatility and ability to use it as a traditional grill as well as the griddle. Not to mention, unlike traditional grills with lids, you can work all around this grill and griddle on all 4 sides.

Flexibility is huge for anyone looking to boost their outdoor cooking game. The Camp Chef Flat Top Griddle is definitely your opportunity. For additional a review of the Camp Chef Woodwind Pellet Grill, visit my article Pit Boss Grill vs Camp Chef Pellet Grill today!

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