Lawn Mower 4.0 – A Complete and Unfiltered Manscaped Package Review

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There are many mens grooming products on the market today. One of the foremost that we hear so much about is Manscaped and their proprietary Lawn Mower 4.0 electric trimmer. 

In order to provide a first hand review of Manscaped products and their trimmers, I purchased one of the “Special Offer” packages to try out for myself. In this review, I will be providing the equipment that I purchase and a review of each. 

For transparencies sake, I am not an affiliate of Manscaped and I do not earn a commission from their sales. So, my feedback is my personal take and narrative on the products I purchased. If you think I’m going to give you pictures and videos of how I use these (I won’t judge), you’ll need to check out my Only Fans when I actually make it.

Manscaped History

Manscaped started in 2016 with a goal to dominate the market of creating products for men to pay homage to their balls. In 2017, the first Lawn Mower was created for men to trim their unwanted body hair. 

In 2018, the Lawn Mower 2.0 was brought to market with a more ergonomic design. From my understanding, it was more powerful as well. And in 2019, the third version, Lawn Mower 3.0 was developed adding a charging dock, adjustable trimmer guard, and an LED light.

When 2020 came along, so did the Weed Whacker. This is the nose and ear trimmer that all men sought after since scissors are dangerous to put in our ears and noses. Also that year, Manscaped took to Penn Station to assert their dominance as top nut in industry.

2021 brought us the recent version of the Lawn Mower 4.0. With this revolutionary piece of equipment as their crown jewel, Manscaped took over the 49’ers stadium with a mass marketing effort to solidify their stature in the ball soothing industry. 

In 2022, Manscaped launched it’s UltraPremium Collection of mens grooming and self cleaning products to work in tandem with the Lawn Mower and Weed Whacker.

The Performance Package 4.0

Details of the package

The Performance Package 4.0 starts at $217.93 but was on sale for 43% off at $124.99. Don’t hate on me, but I also used a discount code Guga because I LOVE me some Guga Foods and Sous Vide Everything. Every little bit counts. 

I did not go for the top pick package on the Manscaped website. The Platinum Package 4.0 was available for an additional $20. I didn’t bother spending the extra money for the shampoo, conditioner, and deodorant. I like spray deodorant and I have a high and tight. Suave at $2.00 a bottle serves me well.

Performance Package 4.0

Included in the Package

  • The Lawn Mower 4.0 – The newest trimmer technology
  • Weed Whacker – Ear and nose trimmer
  • Crop Preserver – Anti-Chafing Deodorant
  • Crop Reviver – Ball spray toner
  • Magic Mat – Disposable shaving mats

Free Gifts

  • The Shed – travel bag
  • Manscaped Boxers – boxer briefs.

Ducketts Package

We’re going to talk about how we care for our balls…. It’s 2022, get used to it. 

The Delivery

I ordered the Performance Package 4.0 on July 17th. It was received through USPS on July 21. I live in Florida so I can’t speak to the difference in shipping times to other states. This was rather acceptable to me. 

This is the contents of the package.

The Free Gifts

The Boxers

The boxers look comfy. In reality, they are. I’m a medium in every other pair I wear and I don’t mind having another pair of these. They are soft and I would compare them to a thinner Nike Dry-Fit Boxer. The Nike’s are my favorite and outside of Under Armor, are the only ones I wear. The Nike’s have a slightly higher quality feel. 

The description from the website claims that these are anti-chafing. Anything is anti-chafing if it’s cool enough out. But walk around in the Florida heat in July for an hour and if you have post-pubescent man balls, they are gonna do some chafing. I don’t see these boxers keeping that from happening. 

I didn’t take a separate picture of these. They are black cotton boxers… use your imagination.

The Shed

This is simply a leather travel bag. Everything fits in it and is your standard dopp kit storage device. Not much to really review here. I won’t use it myself.

The Paid Inclusions

The Lawn Mower 4.0

This is the legacy of Manscaped. My first take is that this is plenty small enough to do the detail work you’re looking to do. It’s waterproof and has the non-slip grip so you can feel a little safer that it won’t slip out of your hands into your bearings.

I do like the adjustable guards so you can trim what you don’t want to get rid of but also tame what you want to put a razor to. They are perfect for leaving the right amount instead of making you look like a toddler with a large dangler. The standard Lawn Mower 4.0 comes with (4) different guard sizes if purchased separately. 

The charging stand is convenient and small enough to fit right next to your wife’s curling iron on the vanity. And it has a spot light. I guess if you’re camping it might come in handy. Who shaves their nether regions in the dark? Someone with a deathwish. That’s who. 

 Being waterproof is a huge advantage. Much less cleanup for sure. It’s also quiet so when you’re up at 4:00 AM prepping for the long day, it won’t sound like you are running a Stihl in the shower. 

The travel lock is a nice touch. So when you show up in Cancun and need to get your boys right, you can be sure it wasn’t humming away in your luggage the entire way.

Lawn Mower 4.0

The Weed Whacker

I’ve been searching for a quality ear and nose trimmer for quite some time. Using a pair of small scissors is unsafe, and I don’t like the safety scissors. They don’t work well. I’ve purchased a few other products previously for this same purpose. 

As we get older, our ear hair and nose hair grow like our eyebrows. It sucks. Do something about it. No one wants their wives to be picking at them or having them stare at your crazy old man hairs while they eat. 

The previous products didn’t come with the same quality “feel”. And honestly, they didn’t work as well. It’s small enough to hide away in a medicine cabinet and the charging plug is standard for the US. 

Like the Lawn Mower 4.0, this is waterproof. That is a great benefit. 

The blade is also replaceable. So if you tend to over use it, you can pick up a backup so you’re not the crazy nose hair guy.

Weed Whacker

The Crop Preserver

I was very skeptical about this lotion. Basically it’s just lotion. However, this is some great smelling stuff. It dries quick and lasts ALL day. I’m pretty impressed. 

Personally, I’m always on the lookout for this particular solution. I LOVE Fresh Balls cream. It goes on as a lotion but dries as a baby powder type of material. If you’ve not tried the Crop Preserver or the Fresh Balls cream, you need to. 

The Crop Preserver is made with Tapioca starch so you don’t have to worry about crazy GMO, aluminum, or any type of carcinogen. Ultimately, we should all be concerned about this. 

The scent of the Crop Preserver is masculine and awesome. I’m sure I’ll go through this quickly. I used this prior to mowing the lawn and when I was done, them boys were still supple and void of stank. This is worth $10 to try. Seriously. You can thank me later.

Crop Preserver

The Crop Reviver

So at first I didn’t understand what the heck this spray was supposed to do. It says “Ball Toner” on it. As fantastical as my brain is, I couldn’t figure out why I need to “tone” my boys. 

Was this anti-wrinkle spray? I hope not. Could you imagine your bag without wrinkles? It would probably hang to your knees and not only would you have to worry about extraordinary chafing, but tripping over them as well. Your balls would be a train wreck. On a positive note, you would have a cool bar trick. You could win every bet.

However, I was wrong. With Aloe Vera and witch hazel, it’s a post shave spray formulated with a similar scent as the Crop Preserver. It’s a cooling spray that can be used instantly from a distance. 

I would certainly recommend giving this a try if you’re one who smooths out the fellas for whoever you’re trying to impress or to look better on camera. It will definitely help you maintain your glowing orbs.

Crop Reviver

In Conclusion

Like most guys my age, I was pretty skeptical about the benefits of keeping your junk smooth and sparkling. However, this isn’t going to be a habit you create because of a product. This is a personal decision that you have to consciously make.

For me, I have a personal hang-up when it comes to smell. I hate to stink. And that means anywhere. As I mentioned above and in my “About” page, I live in Florida. We all struggle with constant sweat if we work outside at all. 

y personal conclusion after trying these products is that they are well worth the discounted rate. At the end of the day, you could compile your own package of comparable products that may provide similar benefits and features. But, you won’t find them all in one place. 

The Cause - Keep them together

If you’re not convinced by the information above that Manscaped is a company focused on providing elite products for men, that’s fine.

But, you have to consider the risk we are all at when it comes to Testicular Cancer. We all know about Breast Cancer and we’ve likely been affected by it like I was. 

One man, every hour, every day is diagnosed with testicular cancer. Manscaped works in conjunction with the Testicular Cancer Society to bring awareness and raise money for research to help YOU and potentially your sons. 

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