Lululemon Workout Mirror: The Best Home Workout System Available

The Lululemon workout Mirror is the best interactive home workout system you will find. It offers all the benefits of a home gym in one easy to use and compact package. The system can be installed in your home, basement, or wherever is most convenient for you. The Lululemon Mirror, or “The Mirror” as it was formerly referred to, offers an excellent way to get back into shape and tone up again. 

It is compact, simple to set up, and doesn’t require much space – making it perfect for small apartments, bedrooms, basements or even a garage! We’ve compiled some information that will help you discover what lululemon mirror can do for you as well as some pros and cons of using this type of home fitness system.

Lululemon Mirror Family Package

What is the Lululemon Workout Mirror?

Lululemon Mirror is a home gym that helps you stay in shape without the hassle of going to a gym. The system only requires a Bluetooth connection to your mobile device in order to access a wide variety of home workout solutions or workouts tailored to your preferences. 

The Mirror can be used for everything from yoga, to strength exercises, to cardio routines. This makes it a very versatile piece of fitness equipment that can be used by all fitness levels. Since a Lululemon mirror doesn’t take up much room, it can be installed almost anywhere. 

It can be put in a garage, basement, or even a small room if that’s what you have available. The standard package comes with a stand to allow anyone to lean it against the wall for stability rather than mounting it directly to a more narrow interior wall.

The Mirror Health Score

Benefits Of a Lululemon Mirror

Many of the benefits of the Mirror come standard with the basic package. With the basic package, you’ll have access to an endless amount of interactive workouts that you can choose for your own pace and ability. 

Without the need for traveling to the gym before work, you can simply turn on your Mirror, select the workout that fits your needs, then be on with your day. If you happen to be traveling for work and don’t have direct access to your Mirror, the app will allow you to still stay on track by following along on your mobile device. 

You have access to some of the most sought after and positive instructors on the market. The Mirror also provides an option for personal training. You can book a session with the trainer of your choice. 

The app will track your workouts, progress, and metrics. While providing you with private workouts, it will also allow you to join in on daily live workouts where you can compete with others or still workout at your own pace enjoying the company of a supportive community.

What Types of Workouts Are Available on A Lululemon Mirror?

The Lululemon Mirror is designed for any type of workout that you choose. You can perform yoga, ab exercises, pilates, stretching, or cardio and other general workouts with it. The mirror can be used with weights, resistance bands, and other types of equipment. 

Within each of the  multiple class types, you will find a variety of difficulty level selections, class length, instructor options, equipment filters, and impact selections. All of these allow you the flexibility to tailor your workout to your specific needs. 

You might even want to use it with your baby in a stroller or other type of baby equipment if you are working out while pregnant! A lululemon mirror is best for those who are new to exercising or are looking for a convenient way to stay fit and healthy.

Some instructors specialize in different types of workouts that you can choose from with a wide variety of styles and personalities. Although all have different personalities, ALL of the coaches are very supportive and positive allowing you to reach your individual goals. From Chris Ryan, to Armond Jordan, to Deja Riley, you will be sure to find your favorite instructor. Some instructors maintain social profiles where you can follow them and join a community of folks like yourself like Gerren Liles.


Mirror Workouts

How To Install A Lululemon Mirror?

A lululemon mirror is very easy to install. It can be mounted directly to a wall or it can be used with the stand as noted above. This makes it very versatile and great for any size of home and any workout area. 

When you receive your delivery, you can expect a rather heavy package. The mounting and set up will likely require some degree of assistance as the Mirror until is rather heavy. This is a benefit as it will reduce the chances of it sliding down if installed properly. Once it’s mounted, plug it in, turn it on, and you’re ready to get it connected.

After properly fixing your unit to your desired surface, download the app to your phone and follow the set up instructions. You will be required to sign up for the service which is less expensive than most reputable gym memberships at $39 a month. Note, this service provides you full access to all options available with the exception of the personalized training while allowing up to 6 family members to also use the system.

Final Thoughts

The Lululemon Mirror is an excellent way to get the benefits of a home gym without having to purchase a large, bulky machine. It is easy to set up and can be used to do a variety of workouts with your entire body. 

It’s great for those who are new to exercising or for those who want to stay fit and healthy with convenience and ease.

The workout Mirror price (without the monthly $39 subscription) starts at $1,495 for the basic package. The Mirror Family package is priced at $2,045 and comes with multiple high quality Lululemon exercise needs for the entire family. Between these two options are there additional packages to choose from. 

Each purchase comes with a 30-Day risk free trial and a one year warranty. Monthly payment options for purchasing the package you select as well through Affirm.

For the time I have been a Mirror customer, I have been able to whip myself into shape at my own pace without the pressure of a public gym. In addition, it provides the structured workouts that I personally need to stay on track while giving me a variety of movements and types to choose from.   

Compared to other options available on the market today, I’m still happy to this day that I made the selection I did. It hasn’t gotten old and there is always a new goal to meet and a path to get there.

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