Wagyu Beef Tallow – How to Make a Choice Grade Steak Amazing

Have you been faced with the problem of grilling a cheap steak and tired of the lack of flavor? Wagyu Beef Tallow is here to rescue you. The South Chicago Packing Company has come out with the best solution to flavorless food.

In this article, I will walk you through how to use this amazing 100% Wagyu Beef Tallow to season and grill an incredible steak that your family and friends will compliment you for, and actually mean it. A frugal family member may even get angry for spending too much money on a prime cut.

Wagyu Beef Tallow

What is Wagyu Beef Tallow?

Wagyu Tallow is exactly what it sounds like. Yes, it’s rendered beef fat. Wagyu beef is the most flavorful, sought after beef on earth.

With many different types and grades of Wagyu in the world now, the market has become saturated with Wagyu strains claiming to be simply “Wagyu”. Wagyu simply means, Japanese Cow. When you first see the inner muscular fat of a true Wagyu steak, you can tell right away that you’re not looking at your average cut. And you can expect to pay an above average price.

The Steaks

For this cook, I selected three choice ribeye steaks from Publix. The steak cost roughly $32 for all 3. Two of these steaks are 1” thick and the other is roughly 2” thick. 

Word to the wise, never purchase steaks of any grade that are less than 1” thick. They are much more difficult to control the internal temperature to ensure you achieve the finished product you want.

The Seasoning

To ensure the steaks are all seasoned well, I only use coarse kosher salt, 16 mesh ground pepper, and garlic powder. 

Season both sides of each steak, and don’t forget the edges. With the thicker cuts, you can’t really season them too much.

Once the steaks are well seasoned, I used a children’s medicine dropper to inject small amounts of Wagyu beef tallow throughout various locations of each steak.

The Grill and Cooking Plan

When planning the cook, we will perform the reverse sear on the charcoal grill. The full set up will be described below. The overall plan will be to sear the steaks on the charcoal grill. I always aim for medium rare. This is roughly 135 degree internal temperature providing a juicy pink center. 

The grill set up being used is a Weber 22” Master–Touch Charcoal Grill with Fogo premium charcoal. Both are, in my opinion, the best products for this type of cook. The pictures below show the actual set up as well as the internal set up with the charcoal placement and grates.

The charcoal location and set up or the indirect heat set up. This is why I prefer this model of the Weber Master Touch. The charcoal baskets are able to be placed in the most efficient location for your specific cook.

If you prefer cooking on a different fuel, I would recommend reading the Pit Boss Vs Camp Chef review to see why the Camp Chef Woodwind series is the premier outdoor pellet grill on the market. Click here to get Up to $200 off select Woodwind grills

The Cook

We start with the steaks over the direct heat to give you the exact sear you are looking for. I selected this method over the reverse sear in an effort to seal in the wagyu tallow before the indirect cooking effort. Although I didn’t use the reverse sear this time, it is a great option for the next time.

Once you’ve achieved the sear you’re looking for, remove the steaks from the direct heat and continue cooking over the indirect heat until you achieve the internal temperature you’re looking for. This is always a personal preference.

Steak Doneness

Internal Temperature

Grill Time at 400 °F (Mins. Per Side)

Center Color


120-130 °F



Medium Rare

130-135 °F




135-145 °F


Some Pink


145-155 °F


Sliver of Light Pink

Well Done

155-165 °F


Mostly Brown


The steaks are then placed on the indirect heat to continue to cook. Once they reach the internal temperature desired, take them off and get ready for the flavor explosion.

Wrapping Up

While I’m confident that the Wagyu Beef Tallow will provide a whole new dimension to your steaks, I would not recommend exceeding the medium rare temp and this will make the tallow render out completely. 

This certainly works better with thicker cuts as well. It’s absolutely worth the effort to get this tallow and use it. NY Strips, or any other cut will work great. Fat = flavor. And if you’re going to go the extra mile, why not aim for the sky and use the best of the best. 

Not only can you use this for injecting into steaks you plan to cook, but you can use if as a replacement for pan frying your favorite fish or chicken as well. If a new dimension to your cooking is what you’re looking for, this is the product for you. I have recently pan fried battered Amberjack with this and it turned out incredible.

Wagyu tallow is a clear alternative to any frying solution. It’s clean and natural, unlike vegetable oil and other popular synthetic oils.

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