This is a community for men and fathers everywhere. 

I’ve often heard that you can’t find true freedom until you figure out that you don’t need anyone but yourself. Personally, I don’t feel that this is true. I firmly believe that we can build better versions of ourselves and contribute more to our lives and those around us through a community of support. I created this site in an effort to provide a place where Dads and normal guys can go to learn about new products and information relevant to us. 

We spend the majority of our time supporting others and usually don’t make a lot of time for ourselves. Between working, youth sports, etc., we let our ability to stay in touch with who we are, suffer at times. Through a community effort, we can help support each other and grow to make our “why” thrive.

Whether it’s product reviews and listings, how-to’s, best of’s, or experience and informational articles and links, this information is being compiled with the intent to serve our greater purpose in being men and feeding that deep-down desire to do guy stuff. 

Please feel free to leave a comment in the post section below for suggestions, questions, or topics that you would like to see included in this page or the blog page. 

Disclaimer: I reserve the right to monitor all content on this site. Please ensure the suggestions and comments are respectful and appropriate.

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